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 Quick Draw Challenge - Rules

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PostSubject: Quick Draw Challenge - Rules   Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:41 am


Description of Quick Draw:

Quick Draw is a game using 3-8 Pokemon. You place them into a list and give them a certain amount of votes, depending on how many people are on the forum. A person on the forum will look at the list of Pokemon and decide, which one they like and Which one they don't like. They can then steal a point form the Pokemon they don't like and give it to the Pokemon they like.

Example wrote:

Sandshrew - 2
Mudkip - 2
Arceus - 2
Garbodor - 2

Lets say little Jimmy here loves Arceus and hates Garbodor.
He could then take a point from Garbodor and give it to Arceus.

End Result wrote:

Sandshrew - 2
Mudkip - 2
Arceus - 3
Garbodor - 1

Then lets say Joey comes and votes for Garbodor to lose a point as well, Garbodor would end up with 0 votes, leaving out of the game and in Last Place.


1. You may only vote once every 48 hours. Every 48 hours or so, I will post PLAYER RESET which means, everyone can vote once more.

2. The host of the game makes the decision. Listen to them, if you have a problem with it, do not rant, send them a kind and gentle message asking why "---- Happened."

3. You may not change your vote. The decision is final.

4. You may be strategic as you want, voting to keep a certain Pokemon in to troll others, or even just voting to get rid of Pokemon that you might like, you just want to troll the others though.

If you have any questions, PM myself or GH0ST.
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Quick Draw Challenge - Rules
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